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About Us

Aura Maids Quality Cleaning Services

Serving the South Florida Area 


Aura Maids is an all inclusive cleaning service committed to serving the South Florida area. 

Our performance is based on elite class standards with a team of well-trained, experienced staff ready to perform!


Our team assures throughout the service to measure quality and assurance of your service in the comfort of your home. We relate to the importance of a clean work and living environment and we're here to show you how a clean environment and great maids can bring to your life!

Our commitment to our clients is to provide an efficient, stable and affordable service. 

We believe in excellence and we're here to give it to you! With a warm and clean welcome, we encourage you to give us a try!


“I'm overjoyed with the service Aura Maids provided me and my family. I now have a peace of mind and I can come home from work knowing my house will be cleaned everyday.”


Grace Mortenson

Thanks for submitting! We look forward to speaking with you.

“I would reccomend Aura Maids to anyone looking for a fast and relaible service. Home cleaning is essential and Aura Maids makes it easier!”

Danielle Garwood

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